Will I need labor to set-up my booth?

Exhibitors are required to comply with local union jurisdictions. In most cities, exhibitors are allowed to set their own displays provided that the booth is 10x20 or smaller, all work must be performed by full-time employees of the exhibiting company, set-up requires no more than two employees working one hour or less and requires no tools. Please refer to exhibitor guidelines for booth installation and dismantle.

Is material handling included in the cost to ship my freight?

No, material handling is not associated with the shipping of your material. You must send your freight bill-of-lading pre-paid.

Is there a specific carrier I should use to ship my material?

Exhibitors are free to use whatever carrier they like. We do provide a house carrier for your convenience at show site to assist you with outbound shipping.

How do I prepare for outbound shipping at the close of the show?

Once you receive and pay your final invoice at showsite, you can pick-up a bill of lading at the service desk. Each shipment should have a bill of lading, providing us with information on where and how your shipping your freight. If you choose to use a carrier other than the house carrier, you must call them and schedule the pick-up.

What furnishings are provided with my booth space?

It depends if there is a booth package. It is listed in the Exhibitor Service Kit under booth package and exhibit times. If there is a package, it will list the furnishings that are included at no extra cost.

Can I substitute a table that is included with the booth space?

No, there are no substitutions for any furniture. If you need an item that is not listed in the booth package, you must order that item at the published rate.

What is Vista's cancellation policy?

Any items cancelled before the deadline date will get a 50% refund. Items cancelled after the deadline date will not get a refund.